We’re all familiar with multivitamins, and we’ve all taken them at some point or other. They’re a great way to get essential vitamins that your body needs. But have you heard of IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy?


Let’s take a closer look at this treatment and the benefits it provides. Have questions? Contact Premier Solutions today to get the answers.


What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV (Intravenous) Vitamin Therapy uses a gravity IV to provide safe and steady infusion of essential vitamins in your body. Unlike a multivitamin pill, it bypasses digestion, allowing for faster absorption allowing you to feel the effects more quickly. The treatment typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

This therapy can provide extensive benefits, including:


  • Burning fat and speeding metabolism
  • Promoting collagen production for younger looking skin and healthier hair and nails
  • Improving mood and energy levels
  • Improving Immunity
  • Decreasing anxiety and depression
  • Combatting fatigue
  • Reducing migraines
  • And more


At Premier Solutions Weight Loss, we provide a variety of different IV infusion types to suit your needs, including


  • Amino Blast, for essential amino acids
  • Barbie, providing fat burning and anti-aging
  • Back It Up, which combines co-enzyme NAD with other important nutrients in order to optimize the body’s metabolism. 
  • NAD+, which restores mental clarity, provides brain regeneration and repair, increases metabolism on a cellular level, improves symptoms of anxiety, reduces fatigue, and helps fight symptoms of depression
  • Love Solution, which increases sex drive and libido
  • IV Vitamins for Pregnant Women
  • IV Vitamins for Cancer Patients


If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list, reach out to us! We have more IV infusions available with additional benefits, such as hangover cure, illness prevention, muscle recovery, and NAD+.


Does IV Infusion Therapy Cause Side Effects?

While vitamins are a natural part of healthy nutrition, IV Vitamin Therapy can cause some mild side effects, including:


  • Bruising and soreness around the injection area
  • Cooling sensation down the arm
  • Metallic taste in the mouth


In rare cases, an allergic reaction to a vitamin may occur. So, be sure to speak to your doctor before beginning treatment. 


Let Premier Help You With IV Vitamin Therapy

At Premier Solutions & Weight Loss, we provide infusion therapy in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our team of healthcare professionals will walk you through all the details, and monitor the infusion to ensure everything goes safely and smoothly. Interested in IV Vitamin Therapy? Contact us today to set up a consultation.