The number of consumers who wish to become better informed about their own health is on the rise and the demand for consumer initiated testing has increased. To serve these consumers, Premier Solutions offers screening tests for certain conditions, as well as full health screening tests for men and women.

Premier Solutions is a lab testing service that provides a convenient, confidential, reliable and affordable lab testing for consumers to take control of their healthcare costs and provide them access to their health information. All lab tests are performed by nationally recognized and CLIA Certified laboratories.

How It Works:


Choose your tests(s) and call or come by our clinic.


Come in and let us perform your test.


Tests results are confidential and given only to you, the customer. Results are typically available for pickup within 24-72 hours at any of our locations or can be mailed.

Test We Offer:

  • CBC

  • CMP

  • Lipid

  • Tyroid

  • Covid-19 Antibody

    and more.